37" Fiberglass SkimBoard - Skim Lizard Collection

Best cheap 37" Fiberglass SkimBoard - Skim Lizard Collection

37" Fiberglass SkimBoard - Skim Lizard Collection
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Technical Details
  • Pro shape template and graphics inspired by the hottest looks in surf.
  • Professionally handcrafted high density polyurethane foam core
  • Triaxial fiberglass wrap around with specially textured surface for enhanced grip
  • Wider template & rounded squash tail create maximum planing for speed and maneuverability
  • Recommended for riders that are ideal for Riders 5' 5" and Under.

Product Description

37 inch high quality Fiberglass Skimboards are finally here for the enthusiast looking to advance their skills to the next level. This skimboard provides the ultimate in speed and maneuverability, making this board ideal for intermediate to expert. Its high density core also helps prevent against impact damage such as pressure dings.
* Dimensions (inches): 4.7 Tail x 20.8 Middle x 37 Height x 0.34 Thickness * Skimboard weighs 5 lbs

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