Wham-O 40.5-Inch BZ Skimboard

Best Cheap Wham-O 40.5-Inch BZ Skimboard

Wham-O 40.5-Inch BZ Skimboard
Product By Wham-o
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Technical Details
  • New Performance Shape
  • Rounded Pin Tail for Tricks
  • Layered Maple Wood
  • New Graphics
  • For Riders 6' and under

Product Description

40" BZ Skim Board

Amazon.com Product Description

BZ's full-size, 40" skim board is made of durable top-quality maple wood accompanied with solid graphics for a very clean finished look. The wider template and rounded squash tail creates maximum plaining for speed and maneuverability. It also features scratch-resistant graphics and a hard protective resin coat on both the top and bottom. It's designed for riders measuring between 5 feet, 5 inches and 6 feet.
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